About Doug Newburg

My name is Doug Newburg (

I have a Ph. D. in sport psychology/education.  I went to the University of Virginia where some say I played basketball (though not everyone called what I did playing as I became more famous for sitting on the bench).  Officially I majored in English, but unofficially I majored in staying eligible to play basketball.

The team I was on was very good, but I got known for sitting on the bench and being a good three point shooter before it was worth three points.

All of my work comes out of that experience.  I was a public failure so I have spent the years since learning about high level performance from high level performers.  I was on the faculty of the University of Virginia School of Medicine Faculty for fifteen years.  I also have been invited to regularly present at the Darden School of Business Administration in the Executive Education Power and Leadership program.

I have also spent 25 years interviewing over 500 world class performers and an equal number of people who had trouble sleeping at night because of one line I heard over and and over again:  I did everything I was supposed to do, but my life doesn’t feel the way I thought it would.  I am inspired by both groups of people.

I have consulted with world class performers from a variety of fields including some of the most successful companies in America.

But in my real life, I am simply curious about life.  I accidentally got into the field of high level performers and that accidentally led me to wonder what I was actually designed to be and do.  This blog is a combination of the two things.

I will share my journey and also share some of my past writings.

I have had an amazing 49 years.

  1. Is that . . . . the infamous . . . the one and only . . . .
    “Dan Newbury” ??

    • That among other names. Quit my job in Boulder and am living with a friend in Florida. No idea what I am going to do next. Hope you are good.

  2. FWIW, I never, ever thought of you as a “public failure.” You’re a highly intelligent and aware person who also excelled at sports, which was your passion. You made it onto a nationally ranked college basketball team in what was arguably the toughest basketball conference (ACC). So you didn’t start…and of course you wanted to. Anyone who competes at that level wants to be on the court. But you were “in the arena.” You played when the coach called you. How many people get to that level? And you got a front row seat for some fascinating psychodynamics of leadership, too.

  3. […] For lunch today, I met up with an old pal, Doug Newburg, a psychologist who studies, thinks about, blogs about, and loves talking about the concept of […]

  4. I know what you are talking about but this transcendent “feel” rarely stays. I need it to marshall an effortless re-write of auto biographical material into a memoir.

  5. Holy crap, coach Newburg? It’s Bryan McGee. I hope you are doing well. I was thinking about you the other day while i was watching my son sinkn a 3 on his 8th grade b-ball team. Shoot me an email some time i would like catch up with you.

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