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Can You Feel Me?

In Uncategorized on October 21, 2010 at 9:04 pm


I’ve been doing a lot of listening to people lately and this captures what I’ve heard.  Whether it is about another person or something someone loves or cares about like their work or their sport.  As Ze Frank said in a recent TED talk:

“To feel and be felt. It is the most fundamental force we’re all after. We can build all kinds of environments that make it easier, but ultimately what we’re trying to do is really connect with one other person.”



Can you feel me?

Can you feel my pain, my fear, my doubt?

Can you feel my dreams, my wonder, my hope?

Can you feel what I feel when I smile, when I cry, when I dance, when I hide?

Can you feel what I like, what I hate, what scares me, what inspires me?

Can you feel what I feel when I work, when I play, when I move, when I’m still?

Can you feel what I need, what I want, when I’m right, when I’m wrong?

Can you feel what moves me, what makes me sing, what makes me silent?

Can you feel what I wear, what I write, what I make?

Can you feel where I’ve been, where I go, who I’ve known, what’s yet to be known?

Can you feel what I’ve said, what’s yet to be spoken?

Can you feel me?

How can you feel what you never touch?

Will you take the risk?

To touch me?

To feel what you touch?

To know me, instead of know about me?

To like me, to love me, instead of want me?

To see me, instead of watch me?

To hear me, instead of listen to me?

To be with me, instead of next to me?

To hold me instead of hold onto me?

To free me?

Will you take the risk that I will touch you and feel you?

That I will see you and hear you and hold you?

That I will know you?

That I will love you?