I wear my sunglasses at night

In 1 on January 9, 2010 at 4:45 am

So I have accidentally conducted a social experiment over the last year.  Because I have basically had little money, when I broke my glasses I could not afford a new pair as they were about $400.  I have a pair of reading glasses and a pair of very good prescription sunglasses.  For most of the past year I have worn my sunglasses most of the time including indoors and at night.  Amazing how much I can see.  Even more how much I can see into people from wearing them when people expect me to wear regular glasses.

And what I see is how uncomfortable people are walking around on a daily basis.

I even had Dave Matthews comment on it one day as he got to know my girlfriend in CVille.  One day I walked past him inside and had them on.  He said “Who does he think he is?  Kanye West?”

I am amazed at how uncomfortable they make people…so, of course, that encourages me more to wear them.  People who know me just accept it.  But most people feel the need to judge me instead of ask why I wear them.  They complain they cannot see my eyes.  They think I am trying to look cool or that I think I am better than other people.  And they rarely comment to my face, instead saying things behind my back.

What have we done to people that the mere wearing of darkglasses brings out so much judgment?  It has made me realize in the slightest way what prejudice feels like.  I cannot imagine if I wasn’t a white male what they’d say or how they’d judge me.

Only a few people have actually asked me about it.  When I tell them I’m broke, they feel bad.

I wonder if this is why Corey Hart sang about this in the 80’s.


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