In 1 on December 28, 2009 at 7:40 pm

I wanted to follow up on the Con Game post with Nothing.

Here’s my experience, my take, and my difficulty.  What if the opposite of the con game is nothing?  Nothing in the form of space, stillness, and silence inside each of us.

Over the years as an athlete, I heard that the best performances occurred when there was no voice…and yet so much of what was offered in the name of preparation involved talking, listening to others, talk, or self-talk whatever that actually comes from.

What if true happiness is nothing, the silence, space, and stillness inside of us…a place we can create from and in.

And this is what I believe.  True happiness for me requires this space, this nothing.  Why?  So I can truly experience what is around me.  And this goes back to Joyce’s explanation of aesthetics-the ability to see beauty without the need to possess it.

So fulfilling my own promise seems to me to be simple but not easy.  Begin with nothing, allow wonder to roam free, experience life without needing to own anything (in the egotistical sense), build a library of experiences inside me…Rinse (return to nothing). Repeat.

If you asked me what I’ve learned about my life from my own experiences and from my work, it all comes down to that.  The difficulty, the challenge is staying true to that in an environment, in a society, based on exactly the opposite…..

And it is time to put that to work, to do what matters most.  I wonder what that is…..


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